Grand Master Gin Soon Chu

Master Gin Soon Chu began his study of Tai Chi Chuan Under Master Lai Hok Soon in Hong Kong in 1956. Upon the passing of Master Lai in 1964, he inherited the school. However, in his desire for more advanced training, Master Chu turned the school over to his classmates and became a student of the famous Grand Master Yeung Sau Chung, the world leader of the Yang school. Grand Master Yeung taught thousands, who have in turn promulgated the art throughout the world.

Master Chu was accepted as a disciple in 1977 and made responsible by Grand Master Yeung for the sustenance and propagation of the Yang family tradition throughout North America.

Master Chu, who has vast teaching experience in Tai Chi Chuan, supervises his classes personally with the assistance of his senior students. One and all are welcome to visit the club during class hours to observe and participate in this marvelous art.

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An Interview with Grandmaster Gin Soon Chu.